Biographies (Birth order)

The following 27 pioneers are presented in birth order. (Go here for an alphabetical gallery.) Each picture links (or will link) to a collection of audio/video/PDF resources that recall each life.

William Miller
William Miller
Joseph Bates
George Storrs
John Byington
Stephen Pierce
Charles Fitch
Joshua Himes
Hiram Edson
Samuel Snow
William Farnsworth
Josiah Litch
Rachel Preston
Roswell Cottrell
O. R. L. Crosier
J. H. Waggoner
James White
Ellen G. White
Merritt Cornell
J. N. Andrews
George Amadon
J. N. Loughborough
Uriah Smith
S. N. Haskell
G. I. Butler
A. T. Jones
E. J. Waggoner
W. W. Prescott