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Preface to the 1905 Edition
Preface to the 1992 Edition
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The Author
John Norton Loughborough was an eyewitness of the founding of the SDA church, having traveled extensively with James and Ellen White, and having seen Ellen when she was in vision some 40 times. Brother Loughborough died in 1924, being the longest-lived pioneer.
Told to Tell What He Had Seen
Ellen White told him in his later life to tell what he had seen. The church leaders were instructed to free him to go among the churches recalling how the Lord had led in the early years. Brother Loughborough wrote a history of how the church began, calling it Rise and Progress of the Seventh-day Adventists. Ellen White stated in Letter 105, 1903, “Elder Loughborough’s book should receive attention. Our leading men should see what can be done for the circulation of this book.”
When the plates of the book burned in the Review fire, he revised and updated his eyewitness account, and renamed it The Great Second Advent Movement, printing it in 1905, just when Ellen White was calling for the pioneers’ stories to be told.
1992 Edition
We retype set the 1905 edition, and reprinted it in December 1992. It is a paperback edition of 573 pages with a new color cover painted by Seventh-day Adventist artist Nathan Green. A second printing was done in 2003.
“Some Individual Experience”
We included as Appendix A in the 1992 edition, an account by Brother Loughborough entitled, “Some Individual Experience”, written in 1919 as a companion to his book. This manuscript had never before been published.
Excellent Book for Our Roots
We offer this eyewitness history as a valuable addition to every SDA’s library. It is particularly useful for new church members to learn their roots. It is available from APL and from local ABC Bookstores.
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We invested approximately $24,000 in reprinting this book. This is roughly $42 per page. At $9.95 per book (plus P&H, and tax if applicable), it costs you less than 2 cents per page.
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[Web Editor’s Note: The page number is given at the beginning of the page.]
Page iiiTHERE are already many useful books in the hands of the people, and my apology for adding another to the list, is that in these pages I state many things concerning Adventists, and especially Seventh-day Adventists, which have not heretofore been brought in this form before the people. Besides this, many who espoused the cause in later years, and who have not witnessed the things mentioned, have earnestly requested a narration of these facts and experiences from those earlier in the work. Having been familiar with the advent movement in 1843 and 1844, and having, since Jan. 2, 1849, proclaimed the doctrine, first as an Adventist, and since 1852 as a Seventh-day Adventist, I esteem it a pleasure to “speak the things I have seen and heard.”

I have presented a statement concerning the advent movement, which from 1831 to 1844 spread to every civilized nation of the world.

Since 1845 there have been other bodies of Adventists which have proclaimed, and still are proclaiming, the near advent of Christ. Instead of tracing all of those bodies, it has been my purpose to give, at some length, the rise and progress of the Seventh-day Adventists, calling especial attention to those agencies which, in the providence of God, have aided in developing, from poverty and small beginnings, a people of whom, although they number only about one hundred thousand, some of their opponents have said, “From the energy and zeal with which they work one would judge that there were two million of them.”

Even those who are only slightly conversant with Seventh-day Adventist history know that since 1845 Mrs. E. G. White has been prominently connected with the movement, both as a speaker and writer. They also know that connected with her work there have been peculiar exercises, or gifts. It has been my privilege to be present present and witness the operation of this gift about fifty times. In these pages I have called attention to some twenty-six definite predictions made by Mrs. White which have been most accurately fulfilled.

Page iv

In addition to my own observations, I have also presented the testimony of other eye-witnesses respecting their experiences. Such facts should have more weight with the candid reader than random statements made by those who have never been present on such occasions.

I commit the work to the readers, hoping that, with the blessing of God, the perusal of these pages may be a means of promoting the cause of Christ in many hearts, and trusting that all, as they read, will bear in mind the words of Paul to the Thessalonians, “prove all things; hold fast that which is good.”

J. N. Loughborough.

Mountain View, California, May 1, 1905.

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Page vBiographical SketchJohn Norton Loughborough was an eyewitness to the founding of the Seventh-day Adventist church. A brief overview in his own words of his life and ministry (extracted from the Appendix A) will give a background to this new edition of his book.

I was born in Victor, Ontario County, N.Y., on Jan. 26, 1832. This village of 200 or more inhabitants was surrounded by a well settled farming community for miles. It was on the old mail stage line from Albany to Buffalo. This village was where I attended Sunday school and public service until the spring of 1848, when the city of Rochester, N.Y. became my headquarters. Both my father and grandfather were local ministers in the Methodist church, but supported themselves….

…In the last week in December 1843, I heard my first discourse on Advent preaching. It was from Brother James Barry, on the topic, “The Hour of His Judgment is Come.” The mighty power of God set home the truth he proclaimed. It seemed as though we were standing before the judgment bar of God. Under the exhortation that followed from the pastor, I with many others pressed my way to the front to be prayed for. And there began my first effort to pray and seek God….

In the winter of 1852, before I had begun to preach the third angel’s message, when I was studying whether I should preach the message, or sustain myself and wife by hand labor, a vision was given to Sister White in our meeting in Rochester one Sabbath, and a direct testimony was given for me to hesitate no longer, but to go out and preach the message, and the Lord would open the way for me to be sustained….

Page vi

When I had got fairly into the work, in those early times, there was manifest what then was a mystery to me. It was this – in every important meeting in different states that Brother and Sister White attended, they would call upon me to go with them. I would say to myself, “Why do they not ask these ministers instead of me all the time?”

Then again, when those three rebellions came on from 1853 to 1865, when they started three different papers, one for each of those tirades, why was it that I was present, and saw each of the rebellions start? Then again, why was it that I was present to see Sister White in her open visions over forty different times, see her examined by the physicians, hear her make predictions of what was to take place – things that seemed incredible to those hearing the predictions, and yet literally fulfilled? I say in all candor, these opportunities were not occasions of exaltation to me, but a mystery. I would say to myself, “Why is all this so?”

…In 1890, I was requested by the General Conference to labor east of the Rocky Mountains. Then came this testimony, written to Elder O. A. Olsen, of which a copy was also sent to me: “I say let Elder Loughborough do a work that is suffering to be done in the churches. The Lord would have his voice heard as was John’s, telling the things which he himself has experienced in the rise and progress of the third angel’s message. Let Elder Loughborough stand in his right place, as a Caleb coming to the front, and bearing a decided testimony, in face of unbelief, and doubt and skepticism, ‘we be well able to go up and possess the goodly land.’ Do not fasten Elder Loughborough in a corner anywhere. Do not bind him to any one conference. Let him go here and there, and everywhere, telling what he has seen, and known and handled in the rise of the third angel’s message.

(See Appendix B for key dates in Loughborough’s life.)

Page vii

“A Specific Call to Circulate Loughborough’s Book

At the turn of the century, after Brother Loughborough wrote Rise and Progress of the Third Angel’s Message which was the precursor to The Great Second Advent Movement, Ellen White penned these words:

“I feel deeply over our present situation. We must now do a work that should have been done long ago. We must do as the Lord directed Moses to do, when the children of Israel, having crossed the desert, were encamped on the borders of Jordan. Moses was bidden to rehearse to them all the dealing of the Lord to them during their journeyings through the wilderness. The record of this rehearsal is found in the book of Deuteronomy.

“The record of the experience through which the people of God passed in the early history of our work must be republished. Many of those who have since come into the truth are ignorant of the way in which the Lord wrought. The experience of William Miller and his associates, of Captain Joseph Bates, and of other pioneers in the advent message, should be kept before our people. Elder Loughborough’s book should receive attention. Our leading men should see what can be done for the circulation of this book.

“We must study to find out the best way in which to take up the review of our experiences from the beginning of our work, when we separated from the churches, and went forward step by step in the light that God gave us. We then took the position that the Bible, and the Bible only, was to be our guide; and we are never to depart from this position. We were given wonderful manifestations of the power of God. Miracles were wrought. Again and again, when we were brought into strait places, the power of God was displayed in our behalf.”- Letter 105, 1903 (CWE145) (emphasis supplied)

Why Republish?

In the light of the foregoing testimonies, let us reflect on the reasons why Brother Loughborough was instructed to recount our history, and why we have felt led to bring his account back into active circulation.

Page viii

-Call to Remember
Above all, a review of historical events gives us an opportunity to trace God’s hand at work, to see evidences of His loving care. This builds faith, and teaches us the lessons of the past, both positive and negative. It reviews the Scriptural foundations of our church, and reveals the sacrificial spirit of our pioneers. It recalls our spiritual roots. As Brother Loughborough stated on p. 33, “If it was good for Israel to call to remembrance the leadings of the Lord with them, is it not good also for us? In ecstasy the psalmist again says, ‘Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits.'”

-A Special Time in History
The years of the founding of the Seventh-day Adventist work was one of the special times in history. At least three criteria of such come to mind.

(1) When a major prophecy is being fulfilled. Usually such an event is not widely nor fully discerned at the time. It is therefore particularly important and helpful to look back with the perspective of hindsight to understand the dimensions of the prophecy – the messages the Lord planned as present truth for that period in earth’s history.

(2) When foundations are being laid for a special work the Lord plans to do. In understanding such times it is very important to see the way the pillars were laid, the evidences from Scripture and the providential events that step by step led the “pioneers”, those builders called for such a time as that, to come to a meaningful and logical conviction as to the message and the mission committed to them by God.

(3) When major transitions in the anti-typical, real sanctuary service occur. Since God’s way “is in the sanctuary” (Ps.77:13), it is critical to understand and follow by faith what God is doing to handle the sin problem. Particularly helpful in this is the parallel between the preceding major transition and the one in the Advent awakening. The Lord would have us reflect on what happened at the move from the courtyard to the holy place (from Calvary to the Ascension), and how the godly people of that time initially misunderstood what occurred, and thereby experienced a very trying disappointment, but finally came to see their place in the unfolding of God’s plan. Their experience shines a light on that of the believers in 1844 and following, at the transition from the holy place to the holy of holies (from Intercession to Intercessory Judgment).

Page ix

All three of the above criteria we see in the founding period outlined in Brother Loughborough’s account. We desire to grasp and partake of the same spirit of those who sought for truth “as for hid treasure”, found it, and committed all to its proclamation.

-Affirming the Spirit of Prophecy

Another reason for republishing Loughborough’s testimony is to affirm again in our day the historical and Biblical role of Ellen White’s ministry as a writer, speaker, and recipient of the Spirit’s special gift, to which he referred in his preface.

-Eyewitness Account of the Founding Truths

Evidence points to at least three reasons Ellen White gave instruction some 90 years ago to make this book widely available, and to review and republish the words and accounts of those who had laid the foundations of the work. (1) These eyewitnesses were dying, and their personal, verbal testimonies were thus being silenced. (2) The increasing thousands who were joining the church with no personal knowledge of either the founding events or founding persons would lead to a church ignorant of its God-ordained roots. (3) The testing ministries of heresies would try the church, particularly in its blinded condition as evidenced in, and resultant from, the Minneapolis experience. Thus the confidence of many in the fact that the Lord had ever led in this movement would be sorely tried in many, varied, and subtle ways. It would be critical that the evidences of His hand at work be clearly and strongly recounted.

Notes on Appendix A

The questioning, doubting ignorance of those who were not eyewitnesses was seen in Brother Loughborough’s own lifetime. One such example provided the impetus for him to write what is here given as the Appendix. We sense it a privilege and duty to be able to include his response in this edition, this being the first time it has been published. We were made aware of its existence by a reference to it in L. E. Froom’s booklet Finding the Lost Prophetic Witnesses. We quote Froom’s description of the history of the manuscript which forms Appendix A:

Page x

Another valuable accession was a large typewritten manuscript pecked out by J. N. Loughborough on an old Blick telegraph typewriter, all in capitals. It was his answer, prepared in 1918 shortly before his death, to the charges of lies, distortion, and inaccuracy hurled by certain critics a short time before against his earlier books concerning the beginnings of the Advent Movement. When offered for publication to one of our publishing houses, it was obviously not of sufficient general interest to warrant issuance. It was accordingly returned to the author.

In his advancing years Elder Loughborough gave it to H. A. Washburn, then professor of history at Pacific Union College, who valued it and preserved it. One day the professor’s cottage burned to the ground, and with it went his fine library. The few books he had left were on his desk at the college. Among them was this manuscript, entitled “Some Experiences.” At the close of my first series of lectures on the Millerite Movement, which I had been asked to give at the opening of the Advanced Bible School held that year at Pacific Union College, Professor Washburn brought the manuscript and placed it in my hands with the observation, “Now I understand why this manuscript should be one of the few things preserved from my entire library by being on my desk in the college. God wanted it kept for this use. Put it in the Advent Source Collection.”-pp. 48, 49

The Cooperation of the Lord with Humanity

Understanding something of the nature of mankind as evidenced in our own hearts, we are acutely aware of the earthen vessels the Lord has ever had with which to work. We present this book to bolster faith in how the Lord has worked, not to build a false confidence in the frailty of the humans through which He sought to accomplish His will. We make no excuses for any of the ways in which the humanness of these godly men and women may be revealed to the earnest seeker of truth in this our day, as he reads this book or any other account of those momentous times. God has ever worked in cooperation with mankind, in a union of humanity with divinity (Eph.2:20). Let us ever listen for His voice, even through the faltering words of others. “Despise not prophesyings; prove all things; hold fast to that which is good.” (1 Thes.5:20, 21). (See Selected Messages, Vol. 3, pp.342-347)

Page xi

Founding Period the Focus

We see this book’s greatest contribution is in answering many questions (often even unasked) about our founding period and early years. Other questions that are pertinent to the later experience of the church in the end of the nineteenth century and since are best covered elsewhere. The messenger of the Lord has described in the testimonies the condition of the church then, the light the Lord attempted to bring in 1888, and the consequences, for that time and for the years extending to our day, of the church’s having rejected that message.

It is important to see the contrast between the delay of the peoples’ expectation, which has been the lot of God’s people through the ages, who hoped they were near the coming of the Lord but received evidence that it was not for their time, and the delay of the Lord’s intentions, when as with Israel of old He brought us as a people to the borders of Canaan and said, “Go in”, and we entered not in because of unbelief. Let us see where we are, and why we are here. Let us learn the lessons of our forefathers, recount the blessing and long- suffering of the Lord, and allow Him to do in and through us what He was unable to do 100 years ago.

(See Appendix C)

Challenge to Current Church

In Brother Loughborough’s preface he stated that the 100,000 Seventh-day Adventists that then comprised the church showed an energy and zeal that made them seem like 2 million. Using the same ratio, could we say now that our 6 million seem like 120 million? What challenges does his recounting of the early years bring to the church today?

Page xii

We leave with you some unanswered questions we pray this new edition will raise:
(1) Where has the “movement” gone?
(2) Has it been true to its foundations?
(3) To what degree can the changes we see in the church since Loughborough’s day be explained by changes in society or by the Lord at work in our midst.
(4) Why are we still here some 150 years after the movement first began proclaiming the near return of Christ?

“In reviewing our past history, having traveled over every step of advance to our present standing, I can say, Praise God! As I see what the Lord has wrought, I am filled with astonishment, and with confidence in Christ as leader. We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history.” –Life Sketches, p. 196

“Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.” -Proverbs 22:28

The Adventist Pioneer Library Committee
Loma Linda, California, March 1, 1992

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page xiiiCHAPTER IINTRODUCTORY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
Far-reaching Effects of Columbus’s Discoveries – A Fortunate Mistake – The Great Hope of the Ages – Paul Sustained by the Hope – Peter Rejoicing in the Hope – God’s Purpose in Creation – Christ’s Second Coming not a Fable – Prophecy a More Sure Word – The Nature of Prophecy – The Object of Prophecy – Prophecy not Sealed – Prophecy not of Private Interpretation – Prophecy Fulfilled – Prophecy a Light in the Darkness – Three Prominent Events from Eden to the End – Prophecy Gives Way-Marks to the End – Remember the Lord’s Leadings – Great Results from Smallest Means – D’Aubign”s Testimony – Gideon’s Victory – The Babe in the Manger – Not Many Wise Called – Humble Men in the Reformation – Early Methodists – Eck’s Retort to Luther – The Word of the Lord vs. Human Wisdom.


THE PLAN OF SALVATION UNFOLDED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
Delay not Revealed at First – Is Seth the Seed? – Hope Centered on Noah – Babel Built – Abraham to be Heir of the World – The Real Seed – The Time Hidden – “I shall See Him, but not Now” – The Sanctuary Service a Type of the True – Israel Calls for a King – The Kingdom Overturned – Translation of Enoch and Elijah – Job Taught the Lord’s Coming – The Throne of David the Lord’s Throne – The Jews Perplexed – The Seed of Divine Origin – God’s Presence Manifest in the Shekinah and the Cloud – Glorious Reign of the Stem of Jesse – The Resurrection Taught by the Prophets – The Renewed-Earth Kingdom – “He Hath Borne our Sorrows” – Daniel’s Prophecies Reveal the Future – The Twenty-three Hundred Days – The Seventy Weeks to Messiah – Fate of the Ungodly.

Page xiv


THE COMING OF THE PROMISED SEED . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57
Looking for Temporal Rule – Of the Lineage of David – Predictions of Simeon and Anna – Angels Visit the Shepherds – The Wise Men Visit Bethlehem – The Saviour at Twelve Years of Age – The Mission of John the Baptist – Jesus Baptized – The Voice from Heaven – Christ Anointed According to Law – The Time is Fulfilled – Visible Proof of Christ’s Messiahship – John Perplexed -People Amazed at Christ’s Work – Christ Teaching the Disciples of his Death – Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem – Christ to Go away and Return Again – Parable of the Nobleman – Forsaken by All the Disciples – Stirring Events of the Resurrection Morning – Jesus Walks into the Country – Wilt Thou Now Restore the Kingdom? – Jesus to Remain in Heaven until the Restitution – The Master’s Return Indefinite – The Apostasy – The Temporal Millennium – Patterson – Daniel Whitby on the Millennium.


THE TIME OF THE END . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77
The Day of His Preparation – Chariots with Flaming Torches – The Work of the Little Horn – The Two Witnesses Slain – The Reign of Terror – Infidel Writers – Blasphemous Work in Lyons, France – God’s Word Emerges from Obscurity – Rosetta Stone Discovered – “Thou shalt Stand in thy Lot” – The Words Sealed until 1798 – Key to the 2300 Days – Many Discovering the Light – Davis, of South Carolina – Joseph Wolff and Twenty Others – Alexander Campbell’s Position – Leonard Heinrich Kelber – “Ben Ezra” (Laucunza) – 1844 the True Terminus of the 2300 Days – The Day of Atonement a Time of Judgment – Testimony of a Jewish Rabbi – The Judgment Message Due in 1844.

Page xv


THE SECOND ADVENT MESSAGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 93
The Time for the Signs – The Dark Day and Night – The Falling Stars- Thomas Burnett’s Prediction – Professor Olmstead’s Testimony – Star Shower Seen also in Europe – Application of the Parable – A World-wide Proclamation – How the Movement Started in Various Nations – Compared with the Reformation – Joseph Wolff’s Labors – The Message in Germany and Russia – The Message in Great Britain – The Message in Holland – The Message in Tartary – The Message in America, India, and on the Continent – To Every Seaport on Earth – Three Thousand Proclaiming the Message – Hutchinson’s Voice of Elijah Sent Broadcast – In the Sandwich Islands – The Message Compared with that of John the Baptist.


THE MESSAGE AND THE MESSENGERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 108
A Definite Message – The Judgment at Christ’s Coming – Reckoning of the 2300 Days – Admissions of Opponents – Professor Bush’s Testimony – Wonders in the Heavens – The Fiery Aurora of 1837 – The Aurora of 1839 – Strange Appearances in the Sun – Wonders Fulfilling Scripture Predictions – The Messengers – William Miller’s Conversion – Joshua V. Himes – The United Labors of Miller and Himes – Other Prominent Adventist Preachers.


An Angel a Symbol of Human Messengers – The Loud Cry of the First Message – The Time of the Loud Cry – The Fifth Trumpet – The Close of the Sixth Trumpet – Dr. Josiah Litch Predicts the Fall of the Ottoman Empire – The Turkish Sultan at War with the Pasha of Egypt – Intervention of the Allied Powers – The Prophecy Fulfilled – End of Turkish Independence – Public Interest in Prophecy Aroused – Hundreds Proclaiming the Message.

Page xvi


THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB . . . . . . . . . . . . . 134
The Call to Supper – The Call to them that had been Bidden – Open Doors for the Message – A Mighty Wave of Revivals – An Experience in Richmond, Me. – Calls for the Message in Other Places – Hundreds Converted – Testimony of the Methodist Year Book – Children Preaching in Sweden – “Yes, I Had to Preach” – Boquist and Walbom in Orebro, Sweden – Boquist’s Testimony – Children in Vision – Boquist’s Sister’s Testimony – Hymn Sung by Boquist and Walbom – The Boy Preacher at Karlskoga – Gifts of the Spirit Connected with the Message – William Foy’s Visions – Vision of the Three Steps.


THE TARRYING TIME . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 148
The Time when the Parable Applies – Smiting their Fellow-Servants – The First Disappointment – Evil Servants Developed – Giving “Meat in Due Season” – Church Feasting – The Tarrying Time – A Vindication of their Work – The Disappointment Explained – History of the Movement after March, 1844 – Attention Called to the Autumn of 1844 – Crops Left in the Field – The Judgment to Precede the Advent – A Midnight Awakening.


THE MIDNIGHT CRY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 160
“Go Ye out to Meet Him” – The Midnight of the Message – Storrs’s Flat Rock – Rapid Work of the Midnight Cry – The People Moved by a Supernatural Power – Worldly Possessions Disposed Of – A Potato Field – Denied His Faith – Means Offered too Late – Guardians Appointed – His Own Guardian – A Ludicrous Situation.

Page xvii


THE SECOND ANGEL’S MESSAGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 171
The Second Call to the Marriage Supper – “Remember How Thou hast Heard” – How the Second Message was Proclaimed – In a Trying Position – Apostolic Example for our Course – Unaccountable Opposition – Storrs on the Attitude of the Churches – Mansfield’s Testimony – The Mob Spirit Manifest – Duty to the Churches – A Separate People Chosen to Receive New Truths – Storrs’s “Six Sermons” – Unable to Refute the “Six Sermons” – Tried for Heresy – Wrath of the Wicked Displayed – Scoffers Put on Ascension Robes – Hazen Foss’s Vision, 1844 – Foss Fails to Relate his Vision – Foss’s Vision Related by Another – Sadly Disappointed.


The Book Sweet, then Bitter – The Time Proclamation a Sweet Morsel – Disappointed, but not Discouraged – Compared with the Disappointed Disciples – “Sat not with the Mockers” – James White on the Disappointment – From N. Southard, Editor of the Midnight Cry – From Joseph Marsh, Editor of the Voice of Truth – The Sanctuary Believed to be the Earth – Cleansing the Sanctuary Thought to be Purifying the Earth – The Apostles Disappointed, yet Fulfilled Scripture – No Mistake in Reckoning the 2300 Days – Light on the Sanctuary Discovered – Churches Seeking Lost Members – “Thou must Prophesy Again” – Prejudice Barred Access to the People – Like Sheep without a Shepherd – J. N. Andrews on the Disappointment – Truth Has a Baptism of Unpopularity.

Page xviii


TOKENS OF DIVINE GUIDANCE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 198
Moses’ Call from the Burning Bush – The Presence of the Lord Promised – Gifts of the Spirit during the Reformation – The Remnant Church to Have the Spirit of Prophecy – Paul’s Testimony on the Gifts – A Fulfillment of the Promise – Miss Harmon’s First Vision – Synopsis of the First Vision – Description of Mrs. White’s Condition while in Vision – Compared to that of Daniel – Testimonials of Eye-witnesses – M. G. Kellogg, M.D. – F. C. Castle – D. H. Lamson – Mrs. Drusilla Lamson – David Seeley – Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Fowler – C. S. Glover – Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter – D. T. Bourdeau – A Spirit Medium Doctor Testing the Vision – Miss Harmon Bidden to Relate Her Visions – Miss Harmon’s Visit to Poland, Maine.


THE SHUT DOOR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 214
Receiving a Kingdom Called a Marriage – “I will Return” Mercy after the Door is Closed – Not the Door of Luke 13:25-28 – A Closed Door in the Typical Service – Who Were in Error? – The Philadelphia Church – What is the Shut Door of this Parable? – A Door of Utterance – The Situation after Oct. 22, 1844 – The General Hardness of Sinners – All Doors of Access to Unbelievers Closed – Who First Taught the False Shut Door? – Who Stoutly Opposed the False Theory – Opposed to the “No-Mercy” Theory – Another Reproof of the False Theory – No Contradiction – First-day Adventist Testimony -Mrs. White Ever Seeking the Salvation of Sinners – Labor for Sinners in Oswego, N.Y. – Testimony of Twenty-one Witnesses – A Vision Misconstrued – A False Revivalist Defeated – Another False Revivalist in Oswego, N.Y. – A Prediction of Failure – A Hypocritical Worker in Camden, N.Y. – A No-Mercy Man.

Page xix


Two Special Points of Attack – Wonderful Manifestations – Remarkable Demonstrations in the Third Vision – The Topsham Vision – Mrs. Truesdail’s Testimony – Manual Labor a Sin – A Prediction Fulfilled – Remarkable Demonstrations – Her Longest Vision, over Six Hours – Miss Harmon’s Marriage – Many Bibles Used in a Vision – First Work was among Advent Believers – Position of the Gift of Prophecy.


THE THIRD ANGEL’S MESSAGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 247
The Most Solemn Warning in the Bible – The Temple Opened – The Ark Seen – Change of the Sabbath – The First Adventist Sabbath-keepers – The Seventh Day the only Law-appointed Day – T. M. Preble’s Essay – J. B. Cook on the Sabbath Question – Joseph Bates Accepts the Sabbath – The First Book on the Sabbath – Four Pounds of Flour – Eleven Thousand Dollars Spent for the Truth – An Unexpected Supply – Money Coming for the Book – Last Bill Paid – Elder Bates Skeptical of the Visions – Miss Harmon Accepts the Sabbath – Beginning of the Third Angel’s Message – Elder Bates Accepts the Visions as from God – The “Opening Heavens” – A Glorious Light in the Sword of Orion – Lighter than the Sun – Another Testimony on the Planet Vision – A Vicious Horse Suddenly Tamed – Israel Damon’s Testimony – Elder Bates’s Testimony on the Visions – How the Three Messages were Regarded in 1847.


TRUTH ADVANCED UNDER DIFFICULTIES . . . . . . . . . . . . 265
A Young Sister’s Sacrifice for the Truth – Housekeeping with Borrowed Furniture – Elder White Cutting Cord-Wood – Conference at Rocky Hill, Conn. – Invited to Oswego County, N.Y. – Mr. Arnold Objects to Ordinances – A Vision with Wonderful Use of the Bible – Miraculous Cases of Healing – Pioneers Endure Hardness – Confusion of Nations in 1848 – Nations that were Involved in the Struggle – Sealing Message Discovered – Turmoil Suddenly Quieted Down – Senator Choate on the Situation in the Old World – “Testimony” of Nov. 18, 1848 – Words Spoken in the Vision – Doubtful from a Human Standpoint – How the First Seventh-day Adventist Paper was Printed – Mrs. White’s Account of the First Paper – Prediction of Support of Paper Fulfilled – Progress of the Publishing Work – The Condition of the Nations – Comparison of War Implements – General Miles on War Preparations.

Page xx


Beginning of Modern Spiritualism – Predictions Concerning Spiritualism – Prediction Fulfilled – Elder White in Oswego, N.Y. – Second Advent Review Published – J. N. Andrews Begins Preaching – Selling Farms to Aid the Work – Removal of the Publishing Work to Saratoga – Publishing in Rochester – Owning a Hand-Press – The Youth’s Instructor Started – Uriah Smith Connects with the Office – Call for $500 Tract Fund – J. P. Kellogg and Henry Lyon Sell Their Farms – All Our Papers and Books for $3.00 – Review Office Invited to Michigan – First Meeting-House in Battle Creek – In Our First Printing Office – Call for Power-Press and Engine – First Report of Book Sales – Review Office a Safe Deposit – Seventh-day Adventist Publishing Association Organized – First Publications in Other Tongues – Transfer of the Review to the Association – A Paper on the Pacific Coast – Raising Means – The Pacific Press Established – Removal to Mountain View – Printing Begun in Foreign Lands – The Youth’s Instructor Made a Weekly – What Elder White Turned over to the Association – Standing of the Publishing House in 1880 – The Canvassing Work Inaugurated – Book Sales for Ten Years – Sales for Fifty Years $11,000,000 – Printing in about Forty Languages – Location of the Twenty Publishing Houses – Issuing the First Pamphlet – Move by Faith – Elder Stone’s Testimony.

Page xxi


“BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM” . . . . . . . . 299
Detecting Counterfeit Money – Rules for Discerning True Gifts – Rule One, Special Instruction – Rule Two, True Prophets – Rule Three, False Prophets – Rule Four, Suffering and Patience – Rule Five, True Prophecies are Fulfilled – Rule Six, Miracles not a Test of True Prophet – Rule Seven, Their Fruits.


SACRIFICES IN THE EARLY WORK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 311
A Pamphlet on the Opening Heavens – A Pamphlet on the Sealing Work – Demands of the Publishing Work – Uriah Smith at Phillips’ Academy – Miss Smith at a Ladies’ Seminary – Two Dreams Fulfilled – Annie Smith Accepts the Truth – A Sacrifice and a Consecration – Housekeeping under Difficulties – Liberality of the Believers – Sacrifice of the Laborers – Accessions in Rochester, N.Y. – Oswald Stowell Healed – Mrs. White’s Vision before the Rochester Company – Vision on the Course of an Absent Member – Uriah Smith Connects with the Review Office – Ordained a Minister – Fifty Years of Untiring Labor – Elder Smith’s Death.


THE GUIDING HAND IN THE WORK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 322
The First Vision in Michigan – A Woman who Professed Holiness – The Meeting in Vergennes, Mich. – Testimony to the Fanatic – The Words Uttered as Predicted – Guilt Acknowledged – The Messenger Party – Advice and Prediction – Collapse of the Messenger Party and Paper – Effect on the Advent Cause – Tent-meetings First Suggested – First Tent-meeting in Battle Creek, Mich. – Camp-meetings Suggested – The First Camp-meeting at Wright, Mich. – Deliverance from a Railway Disaster – Evidence of Divine Deliverance – Opponents Reproved – Elders Stephenson and Hall – Prediction Concerning Them – A Sad Termination of Life – Elder J. H. Waggoner Accepts the Message – Faith Healing – Remarkable Physical Manifestation – Another Prediction – Mrs. White’s Affliction – Deliverance as Predicted – Prediction of the American Civil War – Mrs. Ensign’s Testimony Concerning the Visions – Magnitude of the Civil War – Another Confirmation of the Vision – Slavery and the War – Prediction of Success to the North – Ex-Governor St. John’s Testimony.

Page xxii


ORGANIZATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 343
Opposition to Organization – George Storrs on Organization – Order in Apostolic Times – Elder White on Organization – Unity Between Two Extremes – Simplicity and Form of New Testament Organization – Church Officers are Servants – The First Testimony on Order – Order Needed Near the End – Order of the Angels to be Imitated – God a God of Order Still – Christ’s Prayer for Order – Danger of Individual Independence – Satan Delights to Overthrow Order – Commendation of Ministers – Ministerial Support – The Established Order Commended – The Tithing System to Develop Character – Holding Church Property – Legal Organization Endorsed – A Denominational Name – The Name Approved – The Office of a True Gift – Church Organization – Michigan State Conference Organized – Minister’s Credentials -Delegates’ Credentials – Ministers’ Salaries – Credentials First Presented by Delegates – General and State Conference Constitutions – Object of Organization – General Organizations Formed – The Field Occupied up to 1868 – Why Re-organization was Necessary – Organized Standing Jan. 1, 1903 – Unity in Diversity.

Page xxiii


HEALTH INSTITUTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 358
J. N. Andrews on Healthful Living – A Health Institution to be Provided – Prediction of Results – Site for a Sanitarium Purchased – A Health Journal Started – A Medical Corporation Organized – Healthful Dress – Extremes in Dress Condemned – A Testimony on the Dress Question – The Reform Dress – The Body to be Evenly Clothed – Five Points Essential to Healthful Dress – Mrs. Jenness-Miller on Dress – Dr. Trall’s Endorsement – Medical Science Approves – Dr. Kellogg’s Testimony – The Principles Have Stood the Test – Proof of the Divine Origin of the Visions – The Health Institution Enlarged – Rural Health Retreat – The Pacific Health Journal – Charitable Work – A Plea for the Orphans – Mrs. Haskell’s $30,000 Gift – The James White Memorial Home – Medical Missionaries – Growth of the Health Work – The Sanitarium Hospital – Prediction of Workers Going Forth – Success in Health Work Promised – The American Medical Missionary College – Growth of the Medical Missionary Work – The Main Buildings Burned – The New Sanitarium – Many Sanitariums to be Established – List of Sanitariums – List of Treatment Rooms.


OTHER PREDICTIONS FULFILLED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 376
A Forbidding Prospect – Testimony Delineating Character – Mr. Pratt’s Life Described – Brother Barr Made Glad – A Family Jealousy Healed – Similar to Elisha and Hazael – Elder White Stricken with Paralysis – Prayer for Elder White – The Vision Given Christmas Night – Satan’s Attack Predicted – J. T. Orton’s Premonitions – Murder of J. T. Orton – Prediction Made that Christmas Fulfilled – Relief to the Despairing – Testimony for James Harvey in Despair – Deliverance Came Quickly – Field of Labor Enlarged – Opening of the California Mission – Testimony on How to Labor in California – The Predicted Success Came – The First Tent-meeting in San Francisco – Internal Trials in California – Dangerous Independence – Investigation Meeting Appointed – A Written Confession – A Wonderful Vision Received – Convincing Nature of the Vision – How the Vision was Written – Proof of Divine Guidance – Manner of Writing out the Visions.

Page xxiv


EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 391
Prof. G. H. Bell’s School – Call for a Denominational School – Money Raised for a College – Twelve Acres Bought for the College – Need of Denominational Schools – A Symmetrical Education Needed – Battle Creek College – Two More Schools Opened – Healdsburg College – South Lancaster Academy – London (England) Training School – Battle Creek College Enlarged – Emmanuel Missionary College – Central Bible School, Chicago, Ill. – Union College, Nebraska – Walla Walla College – Australian School – Removal to Avondale – Prediction Concerning Avondale Fulfilled – Mt. Vernon Academy – Keene Industrial School – Claremont Union College – Summary of Educational Work, 1895 – Summary of Educational Institutions, 1903.

Page xxv


OUR FOREIGN MISSIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 403
The Central European Field – Elder Czehowski – Sabbath-keepers in Switzerland – Elder Erzenberger Sent to America – A French Paper Started – Elder Whitney Goes to Basel – Death of Elder Andrews – Dr. Kellogg in Europe – Elder Butler Visits Europe – Publishing House Erected in Basel – Mrs. White Visits Europe – The Swiss Conference Organized – Elder Waggoner in Europe – Elder Robinson in Europe – Elder Holser Superintendent of the Field – The German-Russian Mission – The Elberfeld Company – Elder Conradi in Europe – Elders Conradi and Perk Imprisoned – Work on the Volga, Russia – Success of Canvassers in Germany – Mission Opened in Hamburg – Success in Europe – Five Russian Sabbath-keepers Banished – More Sabbath-keepers in Russia – Baptism in Hungary – Canvassing in Germany – The Scandinavian Mission – The First Book Published in Danish-Norwegian – Elder Matteson Becomes a Printer – The First Foreign Periodical – A Printing Office in Norway -Health Journals in Danish and Swedish – Elder Haskell in Scandinavia – Mrs. White Greatly Aids Scandinavia – New Office Building Erected in Norway – Twenty-five Churches in Scandinavia – School in Christiana – Forty Churches in Scandinavia in 1895 – Three Scandinavian Conferences – The British Mission – Tent-meeting in England – Laborers Increased in England – Ship Missionary Work – “History of the Sabbath” – Placed in English Libraries – Present Truth Started – The Pacific Press in London – The Australasian Mission – The Bible Echo – First Church Organized in Australia – Australian Office Building – Tasmania Entered – Mrs. White in Australia – Elder Olsen in Australia – Australasian Union Conference – Elder Prescott in Australia – South African Mission – Elders Boyd and Robinson in South Africa – Elder Haskell in Africa – College Building in Africa – The South African Conference – Papers Published in South Africa – South African Union Conference – The Polynesian Field – Visit to Pitcairn – The Pitcairn Built – The Pitcairn’s First Cruise – Death of Missionaries – The Pitcairn’s Second Trip – The Pitcairn’s Third Trip – The Pitcairn’s Fourth Trip – The Pitcairn sold – The West Indies – Trinidad – Central America – Small Ship for Central America – Elder Hutchins’ Death – South America – The Southern Missionary Society – Elder White’s Missionary Steamer – Work of the Southern Missionary Society – Workers in the South – The Steamer Morning Star – How Money Came for the Southern Mission – In Many Lands – Mexico – Central Africa – The Gold Coast – India – Georgia Burrus in India – Hawaii, Sandwich Islands – Chinese Work in Hawaii – Summary of Missions, Jan. 1, 1903 – Strategic Points Established.

Page xxvi


OTHER TESTIMONIES CONFIRMED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 442
The Tract and Missionary Society – Efficient Secretaries – Maria Huntley – The Effect on Local Churches – Testimony Relating to Tract Work – Prophecy Versus Worldly Wisdom – Jewelry and the Tract Work – San Francisco a Missionary Point – A Significant Favor To San Francisco – A Hydriatic Dispensary – Elder White’s Death – Elder Smith’s Statement – Religious Legislation Predicted – Persecution in America – One Hundred and Sixteen Arrests – The Religious Liberty Association – The Help of Secular Journals – The Wrath of Man Made to Praise the Lord – Prediction Concerning Sunday Laws – World’s Fair Legislation – Talks in Congress, 1892 – Boast Made by the Church – Catholic and Protestant Unity – Methodists and St. Patrick’s Day – Something Great and Decisive – Judge Brewer’s “Christian Nation” – Ancient Prophets – Open Visions – Night Visions of Mrs. White – The Removal to Washington – Prediction of Favorable Offer – The Predicted Location Found.


A DOOR THAT NO MAN CAN SHUT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 462
Seventy-four Years’ Progress – Help in the Lord – How Can These Prosper – The Mountain Made a Plain – Aided by the Gift of Prophecy – What Need Have We of Prophets – Need of Gifts – Tokens of the End – A Personal Tribute – A Friend of the Poor – Strangers Testify of the Writings – Source of Opposition – Failure of the Opposition – Where is the Success.

INDEX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 475

Page xxvii

APPENDIX A – Some Individual Experience . . . . . . . . . . . . 481

PREFACE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 482

PART ONE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 484
Personal Testimonies from Ellen White – Rise and Progress of the Third Angel’s Message – The Great Second Advent Movement – More Testimonies – A Letter of a Different Strain – An Attempt “To Deceive the People” – A Few Facts in This Companion to My Book – A Shorter Letter to Accusing Brother – Some Thoughts Concerning “Light” – To Say Something on These Matters – Charge Number One – What is Meant by “Shut Door” – Joseph Marsh: The Voice of Truth – The “Shut Door” Marsh Abandoned – The “Shut Door” Butler had Accepted – What Marsh Developed After the Albany Meeting – Mission to the Jews in Palestine – Age-to-Come Theory – Conclusion on “Charge Number One” – The Second Count – “Shut Door” Omission – An Example of Printer’s Mistake.

PART TWO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 516
My Early Life – Hearing My First Advent Discourse – The First Disappointment – The “Tarrying Time” – Church Trials Based on Church Creed – Exeter Camp-meeting – The Midnight Cry – The Rage and Ridicule of the Opponents – Understanding the Adventists’ Experience – Are We the Same? – Work Yet to Do – Joseph Turner and His Idea of “No Mercy” – The Error of Giving Up the “Shut Door” – The “Shut Door” in Luke – Biter Controversy Over The “Shut Door” – “Time For Their Salvation is Passed” – Gaining Converts by Mesmerism – False Reformations – Brother Bates: “No Mercy”? – Bates Worked to Convert Sinners to Obedience – Conversion of Churchill and Others – More Mix-Up on Names – Mercy for Sinners (1849-50) in New York and False Revivals – Giving of Message Not Confined to Adventists – Bate’s First Visit to Battle Creek – Loughborough’s Trip to Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana – Conclusion on “No More Mercy” and “Shut Door.”

Page xxviii

Apostles to Tarry and Learn -Adventists to Learn More Truth – The Nature of Man – Church Order – The Beginning and End of an Independent Party – The Sudden Rise of Interest – “Rebellion Dies Hard” – A Third Opposition Paper.

APPENDIX B – Key Dates in Loughborough’s Life . . . . . 567

APPENDIX C – Some 1992 Observations on the Book . . . 569

INDEX to APPENDIX A . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 573