Great Empires of Prophecy Maps

These are color versions of the maps A. T. Jones published in his 1898 book Great Empires of Prophecy. Click on the name of the map you wish to download. The filename begins with the page number on which the map is found in the 2016 APL edition.

Map #Name on MapPage in 2016 Book
2Divisions of Assyria21
3Babylon of Nebuchadnezzar27
4Medo-Persia of Darius the Mede and Cyrus56
5Medo-Persia of Cambyses70
6Persia and Media of Darius and Xerxes92
7Alexander's Empire160
8Alexander's March162
9The Four Divisions of Alexander's Empire173
10King of the North and King of the South179
11Roman Empire263
12The Western Empire*345
13The Bodies of the Four Great Empires468
14The Alemanni and the Franks479
15The Suevi, the Vandals, and the Burgundians492
16The Visigoths505
17The Angles and Saxons514
18Dominion and Campaigns of Attila521
19The Ostrogoths523
20The Lombards531
21The Heruli (Empire is Perished)538
22The Ten Kingdoms541

*This map “The Western Empire” was found at the end of Chapter 38 in the 1898 book, but in a different location on page 472 in the 2016 book.

Updated 12 June 2017