We Are Republishing the Pioneers

“The history of the early experiences in the message will be a power to withstand the masterly ingenuity of Satan’s deceptions.”

EGW, Letter 99, 1905.

New Adventist Pioneer Library Series of  reprinted pioneer books.

Each available on

J. N. Andrews: The Complete Testimony of the Fathers of the First Three Centuries Concerning the Sabbath and the First Day

Joseph Bates: The Autobiography of Elder Joseph Bates

A. T. Jones: The National Sunday Law

Listen to SDA Pioneers’ audiobooks on your iPhone/iPad, Android device, MP3 player, etc.

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      Technology is fast developing and we can hardly get used its cutting edge before something better comes up. In order to advance with God’s providence we want to be sure to use as much of the advantages we can in promoting His cause.

Audiobooks, initially thought only to aid the visually impaired, are now proving to be an excellent aid to anyone with listening capacity, whether it be while exercising at the gym, going for a walk, driving, doing household duties, or going to bed. With cellphones and tablets playing audio by default, the widespread access to audiobooks and sermons is unprecedented.

Pioneer’s Audio

      Raymond Joseph has been narrating pioneer materials for years using cassette tapes. With some new high-end digital recorders and mics, Raymond continues his narrations, but sounds a lot better. Recent works are:

E. J. Waggoner: The Gospel in Creation

Ron Duffield: The Return of the Latter Rain (This reviews SDA history from 1844 to 1891, in light of the work of the Holy Spirit, documenting how the Spirit’s work was resisted. This we feel is the best book giving the dynamics of the 1880’s.)

These audiobooks can be down-loaded for free from the SDA pioneers audio resource website.


      If you desire to participate in this exciting narration project, here’s what you can do:

The preparation of audiobooks involves a considerable amount of funds due to its processing time. Editing the audio narrations for online posting is by far the most fund demanding of all steps in the narration project. Each hour of raw narration can take up to 6 hours of editing and final preparation. This is the one activity where donations are most needed.

Read the books of the pioneers on the your ebook reading device

(Apple iPad/iPhone, Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Sony reader, etc.)

A Dream Come True

      The publishing dream is coming true. Had the pioneers even dreamed of such tools as we have today, they would probably not be able to sleep for a few days.

With ebooks, millions of books can be distributed in a single day, with no shipping or printing costs. It does not take a huge shelf in the living room or library to store 400+ books of the pioneers. All you need is a little space on an ebook reading device (less than 100 megabytes on the iPad), for that’s all that it takes.

Pioneer ebooks

APL has released (as of GYC 2011) a DVD with all the books of the pioneers in the ebook format. They are also available online for download. Visit and you will find ALL of the pioneer books/articles available now in epub (iPad, etc.), mobi (Kindle) and PDF formats; download them and tell others!

The Ellen G. White Estate is arranging for an “export” function so the material of the pioneers they have published on their website can be easily exported into the ebook formats for the Apple Store and the Kindle Store.


We are beginning to sell the ebooks on the Apple and Amazon ebook store, which will allow for converting more books and making them available in more formats. There are a few titles already in the online stores (such as History of the Sabbath and First Day of the Week and The Complete Testimony of the Fathers of the First Three Centuries Concerning the Sabbath and First Day, both by J. N. Andrews).


If you desire to help in spreading these ebooks, you can support APL in the ebook conversion process. The time-consuming steps are the cover preparation for each ebook and standardizing the contents for epub/mobi output. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Translations Project

Breaking Barriers

      God designed that the materials published by the pioneers of our church should be spread throughout the world. In some remarkable way, languages can be a hindrance in spreading the message. That’s why the Holy Spirit called for young people to be trained in interpreting/translating, so that the message can go forward to other countries, as shown in the inspired counsel:

“Young men should be qualifying themselves by becoming familiar with other languages, that God may use them as mediums to communicate His saving truth to those of other nations… They could devote themselves to the work of translating.”  Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 3, p. 204.

A Sadly Neglected Work

As we look into the writings of the SDA pioneers in non-English languages, we are surprised with a resounding absence. In many languages, it is as if there were no pioneers writings, but only a few books of sister White. The sad neglect of this important work has resulted in history-less churches and members in too many locations.


APL desires to expand so that language will not be a barrier. We want to translate the materials God gave to the Church through our pioneers. After selecting about 100 books that are of much importance, we have already had a jump start, translating the booklet Ellen G. White and the Loud Cry into Portuguese with a 3,000 copy first print. The next Portuguese translation is The Great Second Advent Movement, already translated and being revised. We also want to translate this book into Spanish and several other languages. Some other books of major importance under consideration include: The Third Angel’s Message (1893) by A. T. Jones, The Everlasting Covenant by E. J. Waggoner, History of the Sabbath and First Day of the Week by J. N. Andrews, among others.


It costs thousands of dollars to translate a book. However, if we join efforts, The LORD will bless so that his people can be prepared for the end. If you desire, please join us in this great endeavor. See the       last page on this newsletter for more information on how to support this project.


We are very thankful to God for the wonderful work He is doing in these last days in and through His people.

Who can measure the privilege and the eternal results of joining hands and cooperating with the Creator of heavens and the earth in the last moments of the great controversy?

Participate with what you can. May God recompense His faithful workers.

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Updated 06 February 2020